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When you need reliable bail bond services, MoTown Bail Bonds has you covered. Based in Morristown, TN, we offer fast, simple, and easy bail bond services that are designed to help you reunite with your loved one as quickly as possible. Keep reading to learn more about our bail bond services, or call us today to get started—we’re available 24/7.


Wide Array of Bail Bonds

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Wide Array of Surety Bonds

To ensure you get exactly what you need, we offer surety bail bonds for a wide array of situations, including firearms possession, drug possession, and more. 

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Offering Payment Plans

If you don’t have enough money for a full cash bail, don’t worry—MoTown Bail Bonds has an option for everyone! If you choose our surety bonds, you can take advantage of our flexible payment plan options. You can count on our bail bondsman to find a payment plan that works best for your situation. Contact our office today to get started.

How Our Bail Bonds Work

If you or a family member have been arrested, contact our agency 24/7 for quick assistance. We keep our bail bond services fast and easy:

    • After being arrested, you or your loved one will receive a hearing where the bond amount is set. Once the bail bond has been announced, you or your loved one can choose to pay the full amount on the spot. If neither you nor your loved one has enough money, that’s where we come in.

    • When you work with our agency, you only have to pay a small fee, and we take care of the rest! 

    • After you pay your premium, we post the bond, and you or your loved one will be released.

    • We will help you set up a payment plan for your surety bond, and make sure that you or your loved one makes all of the required court appearances.
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      Instead of waiting in jail, your loved one could be reunited with you—call today to learn more about our bail bonds, or to get started.

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      Do you or your family member need to post bail? MoTown Bail Bonds will provide you with affordable, quick, and easy bail bond services. Call today to request a consultation—our bail bondsmen are available 24/7, all year-round. ¡Se habla Español!

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